Ecuador and the four Worlds

Las 4 regiones del Ecuador

Ecuador, four worlds of diversity in a single country

The Amazon, the coast, the mountains and the Galapagos Islands.

It contains 8% of the animal species of the planet and 10% of the flora.

Ecuador can proudly boast of being the country with the most natural variety per square kilometer of the planet. Its four worlds of diversity - the Amazon, the coast, the mountains and the Galapagos Islands - are proof of this.

This country contains 8% of all animal species on the planet and 10% of the flora. This is part of the Amazon rainforest, which covers virtually the entire eastern half of the country,

Living history and indigenous, pre-Columbian culture

Amazonia, in addition to the natural wealth and the multiple indigenous nationalities that still live there facing oil companies, in the jungle you can discover a variety of animals, plants and many ancient mysteries abandoned cities and the many indigenous communities that conserve much of their ancestral customs and language, such as Quichuas or Siona-Secoyas and Sapara.

The Andes Mountains

The imposing Andes mountain range biases the country in two and separates the jungle from the coast. In the mountains we can find countless active volcanoes. The Cotopaxi (5897 meters) is the highest active volcano in the world. In its skirts, picturesque villages and fertile landscapes grow.

The most important pre-Columbian ruins are also hidden in the mountains. The largest archaeological complex in the country is the Archaeological Park Pyramids of Cochasquí with 15 pyramids and the castle of Ingapirca, an Inca temple with more than five centuries old.

On the coast and the beaches

For rest, the beaches of Mompiche, Súa, Atacames and Tonsupa are some of these beaches of extraordinary beauty. Adventurers will prefer the beaches of Montañita and Canoa. Those who enjoy more contemplative experiences may be able to spot the backs of whales that annually approach from the Antarctic to mate on our shores, boat ride on the beautiful Jupiter Island in Mompiche and much more.

The Galapagos Islands A unique natural paradise in the world

Can you imagine walking among giant tortoises, sea lions and exotic birds? This will only be achieved in the Galapagos archipelago, known as the Enchanted Islands and the only natural laboratory in the world, located 972 km from the Ecuadorian continental coast.

Galapagos is one of the main tourist attractions of Ecuador, which opens its doors to show its fascinating evolution of flora and fauna, in an environment similar to a spectacular living paradise; Due to their unique characteristics, they are also considered as “life-giving sap for the spirit and a tourist destination where the horizon is lost in the infinite”.

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