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The simplest incentive program,

Generous and attractive in the Tourism industry as a Freelance.

Welcome to the Trisubgil Family! I appreciate you being part of our team.

We share a product that everyone dreams of: Seeing the world with all the comfort and lifestyle that we all deserve.


We also provide a world class business opportunity and compensation program. And as if that were not enough, we gave free trips to the most prominent.

Promote a Partner Incentive Program and our goal is simple: We want to reward our dear Partners for proudly and courageously promoting our Trisubgil Brand and the Business opportunity.

Powerful incentives

1- Incentive for each referral.

2- Incentives of 5% per month.

3- Incentives of 10% per month.

4- 15% incentives per month.

5- A trip for 2 people totally free.

6- Sales bonus incentive every year.


7- Franchises to expand your business.

Are you ready?

This is where it all begins for our Partners

By simply registering and referring a friend you will receive $ 25 USD for each referral.

By simply registering and maintaining sales worth $ 5000.00 USD per month, you will receive an incentive or bonus of 5%.


Your compensation month is counted one month from the day of the month you became active as a Trisubgil Partner. Thus, if you registered on the 12th of the month, your compensation month would go from 12 to 12 of the following month.

How many dollars do you want to have by the end of this month to go on vacation wherever you want?

Earn an additional bonus of $ 850.00 USD for THREE consecutive months,

In addition to the standard Marketing Director bonus of $ 250.00 USD (+ all other available programs, such as Instant Bonuses or Trisubgil Incentive).


Your goal is simple: get to have consecutive sales above $ 5000.00 USD, within the first 90 days or less from the date of your partner activation, and then reach the Direct Marketing rank to get this Startup award Quick.

Are you going to accept the challenge and become a High Performance Partner?

With sales exceeding $ 10,000.00 USD per month, the incentive is 10% and if you keep it for three consecutive months you will have an extra bonus taking into account its performance.

See the world as it is and not as they have not been told,

This is the vision behind the trips we currently have, reaching places like Egypt, Mexico, Spain, Dubai, Istanbul, Rome, Sweden, Cuba, Peru, Shanghai in China, Venice in Italy or Honolulu in Hawaii, just for Name some.

There are multiple ways to earn Incentive Dollars, from the challenge of weekly registrations, to new sales ranges for each tour or tour package every year and franchises to expand your business, or even to grow your business from one month to other.


And those Dolores Incentives can be used in any of our Packages or trips for active members and members and the incentives that will take you in the next 5 years to more than 10 countries and 60 cities in some of the most impressive places in the world !

Do you want more?

Let's go for excellence.

In addition, we will reward our best Partners with incredible incentives as an extra bonus of 5% of sales in a whole year.

Another reward is a trip for 2 people to the wonderful Galapagos Islands for 5 days with all expenses paid, for foreigners restrictions apply.

Are you a successful person? here you have the opportunity to prove it


For sales under $ 5000.00 USD per month, your bonus will be $ 25USD per Pax. And that way you will always earn extra money.


The revenue projections in this presentation are for hypothetical purposes only and are not a guarantee of future performance. We have used hypothetical calculations based on many assumptions, which may or may not be attainable by you. Your actual compensation, if any, may be different based on a wide variety of factors, including, but not limited to, the number of members that refer directly or indirectly and to the sales of the Tours and trips that Trisubgil® has as products tourism and all its variants, how long they remain as members, the compensation assigned by Trisubgil®, refunds, cancellations, and a number of other factors.

This information is only provided for the purpose of demonstrating how the Trisubgil® Compensation Program works. The success of Trisubgil® Independent Representatives will result only from successful sales and team training efforts, which require hard work, diligence and leadership.

Your success will depend on the effectiveness with which you exercise these qualities and the diligence you do. Most members will not reach the income levels explained in our compensation illustrations. A few overcome them.

In the "agent portal" you can enter from the main page and provide many resources for new Trisubgil® businesses. In addition, you can find all training documents, management materials and upload orders for promotional and operational material from Trisubgil®.

Include your Trisubgil® company. In newspapers, Internet search engines, databases, on social networks and in any other place that you consider necessary to inform potential clients of the services and products you offer.

You can order Trisubgil® banners, stickers and other items from your "agent portal".


To advertise your business. You must follow the Trisubgil® guidelines or it will be an impossible task. Track the progress of your Trisubgil® business and earnings by entering the "agent portal".

The portal will give you an idea of ​​your earnings, and of the events we organize and in this way it helps you decide if you should change your business strategy to be more successful.


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