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Galapagos Stella Maris island cruises- make the most of your holidays

Galapagos islands are one of the best places to be when you wish to spend your holidays in the best manner. If you have been wondering why people choose Galapagos islands think about ¨Galapagos Stella Maris¨

VIP & VIP STELLA MARIS is an ideal choice for the luxury yacht lifestyle in Galapagos, which offers large indoor and outdoor areas to relax and enjoy. Its contemporary interior design with panoramic windows is cozy. On the main deck, the STELLA MARIS motor yacht features a beautiful central staircase that provides separation from the luxurious formal dining room and the spacious living room with TV entertainment.

Best Time To Visit The Galapagos

A question that may arise for those interested in visiting the Galapagos islands is this: What is the best of year to do so? The answer is that there really isn´t a best time. Due to the Galapagos position on the equator, the island chain has air and temperature conditions that are mostly the same year-round, meaning any time of year is an excellent time to visit the island. Individuals interested in viewing the wildlife also need not worry, as most species on the Galapagos are non migratory and live on the islands year round.

Galapagos National Park


The Galapagos National Park Directorate works to manage and preserve the archipelago unique ecosystem, the administration works to ensure the preservation and the ecological integrity by enforcing the regulations and the rational use of environmental goods.

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What is the weather like in Galapagos?
Due to the confluence of cold water currents from the west and the south, the Galapagos archipelago has an unusually dry and moderate climate for the tropics and is recently classified as subtropical. This makes traveling to Galapagos a vacation option throughout the year. The climate is considered equatorial, cooled by the Humboldt current, and is characterized by two main seasons: June to November is usually called the "dry season," which is known for its blue skies and half-day showers. December to May is considered the "warm season". During this warmer season, the Galapagos climate is more tropical with occasional rains with bright skies. June to November Temperature 70ºF to 80ºF (21ºC to 27ºC) Water temperature 65ºF to 75ºF (18ºC to 24ºC) December to May Temperature 80ºF to 90ºF (27ºC to 32ºC) Water temperature 70ºF to 80ºF (21ºC to 26ºC)
What to pack?
As the islands are located very close to the equator, we recommend bringing light clothes. It can be cold at night, so a light and warm top / jacket is also recommended. Bring your bathing suits, sunscreen and good shoes. In the Galapagos Islands you will have many impressive and amazing photos, so a camera is essential.
What to know before traveling to Galapagos?
There are two airports in Galapagos, the Seymour Airport on Baltra Island and Puerto Baquerizo Airport on San Cristobal Island that receive flights from the Ecuadorian continent. Commercial flights depart daily from Quito and Guayaquil in the morning, while return flights take place in the afternoon. There are no international airlines that arrive directly to the Galapagos Islands. Flights depart daily from the mainland from the city of Quito or Guayaquil. Three airlines (Aerogal, LAN and TAME) provide this service. Private flights can also reach any of the airports, but they must do immigration on the continent before leaving for Galapagos.
What is a day like in Galapagos?
The highlight of being in Galapagos are the excursions, in which you board a panga, a robust inflatable raft that transports you from a boat to the coast. Upon arrival, your naturalist guide takes over, pointing out the unique species and geological wonders of each island. No guide can prepare you for the experience of walking among the wildlife of the islands, discover how they have adapted and photograph them a few meters away. Every day, enjoy an excursion, which can include activities such as exploring on foot, kayaking, snorkeling with the equipment provided by the crew or navigating the hidden corners of the islands in panga. Our experience and intimate knowledge of the islands means many private landings on beaches and coves. The fun does not end when you return from your excursion. At night, the clear skies allow you to observe the stars spectacularly with expert guides (if the weather permits). Its naturalists on board offer a night presentation about the history, geography or wildlife of the island.

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Islas Galápagos


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A luxury

You can see the passion they have for their country and culture, many small details make you appreciate the culture and the place. The luxury boat, you couldn't ask for more / I highly recommend this tour for those with this budget.
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